I enjoy learning about investing. I enjoy investing. I enjoy making money from investing. I hate not understanding investing. I hate making a bad investment. I hate losing money on an investment.

I have this motto, everything is money. The water you drink, the Wi-Fi in the air, the food we eat, the clothes we wear, it’s all money. It all costs money. To me this is a key aspect to understand when you are re-training or training your mindset on money. I also have this motto, investments aren’t only done with your money.

When we are discussing investments, most of the time we are obviously discussing the transfer of money to get something in return, in hopes for a bigger return. ROI. Everyone I know who teaches about investing talks about how to invest money into something particular like real estate, stocks, etc. We also hear many of these gurus talk about the importance of taking advantage of your time, obviously very important for those of us looking to gain more money.

Something I wanted to add to the teachings of investments though is the fact that everything you do, every dollar you spend, every credit card swipe you make, is some sort of investing. That means when you buy a bottled water, you’re investing into your thirst and health. When you purchase cigarettes you are making some sort of investment into your health. Purchasing a TV? You’re likely investing into entertainment and possibly into wasting your time.

Your time and money are all types of investments that you are making into something. Your investment could be into something that is giving you a negative ROI or your investment could be into something that is giving you a positive ROI. When eating healthy foods and exercising you are investing into your health, which is then giving you more energy, more focus, allowing you to be better at your job, and make more money. Purchasing an Xbox and spending countless hours on it playing Call of Duty or Madden is an investment into what you see as entertainment, but what in reality is a waste of your extremely valuable time. You could use that time to change the world, make strides in your careers, spend time with you family. Don’t get me wrong, having fun once in a while and enjoying a movie or playing a game is necessary I believe. But it should not be primary and should be monitored very carefully.

When you die, you don’t want to say I died with my tank on half full by not giving you all in life and making the right investments in every aspect of life. I am guilty myself of wasting time, scrolling mindlessly on Facebook or sleeping in a little to much, all of which are bad investments of my time. While on the subject of time, it’s true time = money. So basically, when you are wasting your time, you are also wasting you money.

If everything is money, then every transfer of money is an investment. Learn to focus on where you are transferring that money and make sure your everyday transfers of money are ones that will give you a positive ROI. Don’t just waste your money.

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I like to end with this, because to me this is the most important aspect of life, money, and investments. With everything you do, live your life with a purpose. When you live your life with a purpose and a why is driving you to excellence every single day, you tend to get more positive ROI’s. Get rid of as many negative ROI’s as you possibly can, and your purpose will be shining more and more every single day.

Important areas of life to review to make sure you are getting a positive ROI investment.

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