Finally, we did it! We have completely rebuilt the Josh Therrien website! This first blog is simply to educate you on the value you will get out of this website, blogs, and product! At we are dedicated to helping people live with purpose, live to their full potential, and help with 4 major aspects of life. Faith, Family, Health, and Finances.

Faith is very important to Josh, in fact it’s the most important thing. His content will contain faith concepts and his life will exemplify his convictions. Faith is one of the essential characteristics of successful people in his upcoming book. Not just faith in God, but also faith (belief) in ourselves, that our dreams are possible! We are building a team of real recognizes real kind of people. People who will not quite, at all costs! This is what will separate the successful from the unsuccessful!

At we believe in the power of togetherness and working together! In the home, office, and community! We value family above all, which is built on a foundation of faith, all while building generational wealth and impact! Your home life, business, and community can only thrive when people are working together. Josh will write a lot about the importance of valuing family while balancing finances to help free your life from the chains of struggle.

To Josh, the top for areas in life are faith, family, health, and finances. In that order. Without faith, life is useless. Without family, friends, and community togetherness, it’s hard to find your why in life. Health allows you to live to your fullest to accomplish everything you need to in life with high energy. Finances, free your time to focus on those 3 more important aspects of life.

Having said that, the most popular subject Josh will talk about is Money. The most unpopular subject to talk about. This won’t be the most talked about subject because it’s the most important thing in the world, but because with enough money and financial freedom, you can do more for God, others, and for yourself. Even though faith, family, and health are 3 of the most important things in anyone’s life, finances can free you to be able to focus on those 3 things in life more. To Josh, the 4 blend together to build a beautiful recipe for having it all. There will even be times where he talks about money and God!

Truth is, these blogs, the content in his books, coaching, and seminars, are strategically created to provoke thought into a society that is so monotonous and doesn’t value bringing the most out of people. If we want freedom in all 4 aspects of life, we must act like the 1% who are most successful in all these aspects of life. It may sound overwhelming, but fact is people have accomplished it. So who’s to say, you or I can’t have freedom in all 4 aspects of life? Buckle in, prepare to get your note pads out, put your thinking cap on, because your life, very well may change by following Josh.

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