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Get this new book and my best selling book, Double or Nothing: 2X Your Income in 2 Years, for the price of one! Josh walks you through the steps and effort it takes to double your income and build your character. Joshua motivates and teaches you on taking the next step in your life to create more income for your household. If you want to make more money and be the best person you could be, you need to purchase these books and apply the principles to your life and circumstances. Everyone can do it!

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My dad was always someone I wish I had known. Someone to play ball with or get advice from.



Joshua is the President of a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, Make-A-Change Inc., dedicated to helping kids suffering from neglect, abuse, parental drug addiction, etc. This is his why in life.





Joshua Therrien is a highly motivated author, entrepreneur, husband and father. He exceeds daily, in enjoying life to it’s maximum potential. His passions include his family, faith, Make-A-Change Inc., and having fun through traveling and sports! These passions have driven Joshua to seek out his maximum potential, when it comes to financial, physical, faith and family success. Joshua has a true passion to help others, especially children. Helping less than fortunate children maximize their life potential is a true mission for Joshua. Coming from a home where his parents succumbed to drug and alcohol abuse, Joshua was given the chance to succeed by his aunt and uncle, who raised him. He has the ability to clearly see what can happen when someone less fortunate has a ray of hope and help in life. Joshua seemed destined to become another statistic, except, he changed the game. Joshua quickly learned that hard work, integrity, faith, and personal development would help him continue to crush the odds. Joshua wants to motivate and encourage those who have had a rough break in life and teach them how to overcome to strive for excellence and crush life!



In his groundbreaking new book, Josh makes it clear how to stop earning a paycheck and how to truly create wealth. If you hate the idea of creating income streams that will build your wealth and freedom, DON’T read this book.

Joe Giglietti

Amazon #1 Best Selling Author

Joshua Therrien is the real deal and so is the advice in this book. The nuggets of wisdom that lie within are both practical and challenging!

Richard Trevino

Speaker Consultant and Author

I have seen Joshua come from a McDonald’s employee to an owner of multiple business’ and an amazing non-profit Make-A-Change Inc. I am proud to say Josh truly knows what he is talking about when it comes to money, everyone should take a few moments and read this book!

Mike Campbell

President, Platinum Productions, Incorporated


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